5 Power Tips For Hosting Free Events

5 Power Tips For Hosting Free Events

November 25, 2022 Clayton Arrighi Comments Off on 5 Power Tips For Hosting Free Events

Hosting events are great ways to interact with people because they are casual and fun. There is no pressure from sales. Events are also great because people generally do not like to attend events alone, so they are more likely to add to the headcount by bringing along friends. Existing patients can also add to the success of your event by mingling with prospects and sharing their own success stories with you. The Green Leaf Group is an organization that could help with such marketing resources and insights. Let’s look at five power tips for creating a memorable and successful hosting event. 

1. Interesting And Unique

First things first, the event needs to be something that is unique and different. No one wants to go to the same type of event and hear the same pitches over and over again. Your topic needs to be interesting enough to attract the numbers you want to achieve at the event, as well as keep them engaged.. You want to try and offer your event guests something that they can’t just find anywhere. 

2. Confirm, Remind, Follow Up

It is important to always ask for an RSVP with a cell phone number and an email address. You want to be intentional about such things as confirming sign-up, reminding, and following up. Getting the sign-up is important, but reminders are just as important because life can get pretty busy between the sign-up date and the actual date of the event. 

This is why sending out a reminder maybe a week or so before the event would be beneficial. That way, those attending have a refreshed excitement about the event, as well as are ready and locked in for attendance. 

3. Roll Out The Red Carpet

You want your event guests to feel good at your event and for the event to be memorable. Something that sticks with them after the event. A few simple ways that you can achieve this is to buy food and drinks, as well as provide good serve ware and utensils. Another important red carpet factor is space; you want to be sure that you have enough space for your guests to be comfortable and not feel like they were literally squeezed into the budget last minute. 

4. Make The Event Fun

Some great ways to create a fun environment at your event are to include music or live entertainment. Raffle prizes are great, as well as networking after the event has finished. Depending on the type of event you are hosting or planning for, you may want to try and include some compelling speakers who could make the event more interactive. This can increase the engagement of your audience. 

5. Maintain Momentum

One way for you to maintain momentum after the event ends is to post on social media. Go live on Facebook with your guest speaker. Take photos and videos during the event that can be posted and shared later. You could also set up a designated video area that would allow your guests to tell the camera what they thought of the event. 

You may also want to reach out to anyone who was interested in the event but could not attend; be sure to invite them to the next one. And it is a great plan to always have your next event ready to go (or at least in planning) and advertise that fact at your current event. 

Turning A New Leaf

If you are planning an event or need help building a business plan, contact our experts at The Greenleaf Group. Put our team to work for you, and let us help make your dream a reality today. 


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