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The world of learning has changed, and if you are looking for business management education, you should look into an online business management course. There are so many more opportunities to pick and choose how you educate yourself on any given topic when you have the option of participating in online programs. You can listen to a lecture in your car, watch a video, read a book, attend a conference, or go retro and attend a class in person. You can choose what works best for your learning style as well as your schedule and your bank account. These days more people than ever are choosing online courses, and many in the hormone and wellness health care space are looking to The Green Leaf Group.

When you need help with business management, development, staff issues, sales, marketing, and more, The Green Leaf Group is at your service.  We have taken the hours of consulting that we have done one on one with our clients and turned the knowledge into online business courses you can watch in the privacy of your home or office at a fraction of the course.

Master Every Area of Your Business. From the Comfort of your Home.

You can choose to tackle one topic at a time or sign up for our “MBA in a Box” AKA our flagship business management course, “How To Create Predictable Profit For Your Cash Practice.” Our flagship course has 13 complete classes that will take your business to exactly where you want it to go. No matter what area you are struggling with, we have something that can help. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know because we add project management courses every month, and the topics are decided by you.

Here are a few topics we have already explored:

• How to Write a Business Plan
• Dreamers vs Doers
• SWOT Analysis – How and Why?

• Creating a Mindset that BOOSTS Success
Call to Close – How to Convert a Lead to a Patient
• Social Media Crash Course

Our Flagship Course

How To Create Predictable Profit For Your Cash Practice

This Course Has It All.

It’s entrepreneurship in a box and written exclusively for hormone providers like you. In 10 hours of lecture time, discussing management skills, communication skills, and project management, and approximately 6 hours of personal time to complete the workbook, you will have completed a comprehensive, custom plan that takes most people months, even years, to complete. And, when its done, you can send it in to The Green Leaf Group for review and a 30-minute free consultation to kick it off right!

Check out this quick preview of “How To Create Predictable Profit For Your Cash Practice”
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Choose Topics That Get the Job Done

Powerful New Courses

Added Regularly

There’s always room to grow and improve your practice, so don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. The Green Leaf Group wants you to succeed in our online business management course and bring what you learned back to your workplaces business professionals.

What Our Students Are Saying

The Green Leaf Group

"The Green Leaf Group produced a training course that took me step by step through the process of starting my own practice. I was so impressed by the course and what they had taught me, that I reached out to the Green Leaf Group to do some of the work. They produced a business plan for me as well as a marketing plan that was tailored to my financial needs."

Emese Torok, FNP-C Hale Wellness Clinic

Tell Us: What Do You Need More Of?

Every single one of our business management courses comes from providers and administrators just like you who told us they needed something. We listen! And then we produce the content we are asked for.  So, what are you in need of?

New business management courses are created monthly so if you need to go deeper into a topic and you don’t currently see it there, please, send us a message.  Once we receive your request, we will review it and if it’s a topic we feel have the right knowledge and experience to help with, it will immediately go into rotation to be created.  Chances are if you are dealing with something then others are too and your suggestion can help someone else so please, don’t be shy!  Let us know what topics you need.

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Ever notice how excitement can actually give you clarity? That is because your mindset affects outcome. Click play and hear what Patrick has to say about why this free course can give you invaluable business advice in just 30 minutes that can literally change the future of your practice.  Then click START NOW and dive into the free course:  Creating a Mindset that BOOSTS Success as you go on the journey with Jody Layne, CEO of The Green Leaf Group as she teaches what it takes to get into a mindset that sets you up for incredible success.

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