What is The Green Leaf Mastermind?

The Green Leaf Mastermind is for hormone clinic owners and/or managers who want to elevate their practice to the next level. Meet monthly with the consultants at Green Leaf who are the same people who run the highly successful clinic Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness in Florida to discuss and solve problems that every practice deals and gets in the way of success.

Each session will be led by an expert in the topic and will begin with a lesson. Following the lesson, each Mastermind participant will have a chance to share an issue they are dealing with and both other participants and the leader will respond with advice.

Each session will close with a homework assignment that will help you implement that month’s topic into their practice.

12 Virtual Sessions
12 Topics
5 Unbelievable Teachers
8 Eager Participants

That is what this Mastermind is all about.
And we are inviting YOU to join!


Here is how it will work:

Cost is $250 per participant

8 participants per Mastermind Group

Meet monthly on Tuesday evenings from 7pm – 9:30pm EST

Each session will be led by an expert with a focus on a topic (see topics below)

First 15 min will be a “teaching moment” about the topic

Each participant will then have the floor for 15 min to share an issue they are dealing with (preferably about the topic but any issue can be brought up)

The group and leader will offer advice, support, experience

At the end, the Leader will offer a Homework assignment

Each session will be different. Issues will get fixed. You will know you are not alone. Together we can solve any problem your clinic or you deal with.

Sound Interesting?

The Mastermind is scheduled to start in November 2023. We are limiting it to just 8 participants.

Are you interested? If so, please complete the form below and let us know.

This is NOT signing up. We are only collecting feedback. 

Teachers & Topics:

Teacher: Jody Layne

November 2023: Who, What and How to TRACK RESULTS – Because You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure

April 2024: Your Patients First 90 Days – Maximizing this MISSION CRITICAL Time To Create LIFE LONG Patients

September 2024: Sales Goals – Why Only the Most Successful Practices Have Them

Teacher: Clayton Arrighi

December 2023: Videos Are Your #1 Sales & Marketing Tool – How do you Create & Use Them in your Marketing with Ease

May 2024: Digital Marketing – Using the Internet as Your Best Sales Person

Teacher: Dr. John Carrozzella

January 2024: Blended Therapy for Optimal Results

June 2024: Creating “Unique” Treatment Plans

Teacher: Patrick Dermody

February 2024: Fully utilizing your EMR

July 2024: The Rules for Hiring and Training Staff & Eliminating Turnover

October 2024: Retaining Your Clinic’s Biggest Asset – YOUR STAFF!

Teacher: Erin Tongue, FNP-C

March 2024: Mismatched Libidos – How to help your patients

August 2024: Health Identity and Why it’s Important to BHRT

Is Green Leaf really a better fit for me?

Let’s answer that question with a question.  Do you have a cash pay hormone centric medial practice?  If you do, then The Green Leaf Group really is better for you.  There are a lot of amazing business support centers out there and fantastic one on one consultants.  What sets The Green Leaf Group apart for you is that it is owned and operated by people who own and operate a thriving hormone practice just like yours.


After several years of working on building the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, we decided to take what we have learned and share it with other clinics that want to get themselves to the next level.  That means; we have made mistakes you can avoid, we try uncertain tactics and then share the ones that work and we can speed up your success by focusing you on what you need to achieve your goals.  So, we wouldn’t go so far as to say that The Green Leaf Group is the be all end all.  But, we are the perfect fit for hormone clinicians and practice owners like you.

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