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Practice Growth Accelerator Program

It’s so frustrating when you pay for something you think will help your business, but once you get started you realize that it is either going to take way more of your time or a lot more money to get to the point of overall success. We know exactly how that feels and this program IS NOT THAT!

From the moment we start you will see the difference.  In the 1st 60 days of our engagement, you will be provided with all the tools you need to succeed. Then, we’ll spend the remainder of our time together fine tuning what you learned, working together to implement it all and we will be there to support you at every turn during that first year. 

There is so much you get in this program that it’s hard to say it all on this website.  We know there is more to helping healthcare providers than just, “grow your practice”, or “get more patients”. Watch the video and learn what you get as a growth accelerator.

There is no other program out there quite like this.

Are you wondering if you need our successful Practice Growth Accelerator Program? 

Take a look inward and if you find yourself struggling in at least three of these areas then this program is something that will help you:

• Business Plan With Sales Goals
• Financial Projections
• End of Month Financial Analysis
• Company Culture: How to Find & Keep Great Staff
• Proven Marketing Campaigns
• Process Efficiency

• Way to Find New Potential Patients
• Excellent Sales Techniques
• Patient Retention 
• Website Conversion
• Founder Partnership & Support

• Established Paths to Help Grow Your Practice

• & More

If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, How Are You Going to Get There?

Sounds simple enough, right. Without a destination it is practically impossible to know your path.  Yet, so many entrepreneurs and practice owners run their business, sometimes for years, without any formal plan or marketing strategy.  It’s true, many businesses can keep the doors open despite not having a plan.  But, how much are they leaving on the table that could simply be avoided with a few hours of initial planning.

The Practice Growth Accelerator Program begins here.  We work together to create a plan that matches your idea of the perfect practice over the years.  Then we accurately look at appropriate tactics to take to help make that plan become a reality.

The Most Valuable Asset You Have Is Your Staff

That may sound a little strange but think about it.  Your staff is involved in every aspect of your practice.  They answer the phone, they talk to patients, they handle everything so you can treat the patient.  And it doesn’t matter if you only need a few people or a team of help, you can’t do it alone and that is why you have staff.  When your staff are exceptional your patients have an extraordinary experience.

Finding and fostering the best team takes some work. The Practice Growth Accelerator Program teaches you how to find the staff that aligns with your core values.  We also offer assistance in how to keep them feeling happy to keep working at and on your business.  Plus, we provide some tools to use if and when things aren’t working out as well as you would like.

No Patients?  No Practice.  So, Sales & Marketing Actually Matter.

Most healthcare providers we speak to say they HATE marketing.  And believe me, we get it!  But marketing only hurts when it doesn’t work.  That is one reason why you want to work with us.  When you participate in the Practice Growth Accelerator Program, within the first 60 days you get 9 proven marketing campaigns customized to your practice installed on an easy-to-use marketing software along with training for your staff on how to use it to get and convert new leads.

Once you get potential patients calling you need to get them on the schedule. 

We work with your team closely during the consulting calls and train them on how to speak with new potential patients.

Plus, we arm them with resources that help them stay in touch with leads that don’t book right away so you can maximize on every conversation and help as many people as you possibly can.

What’s Included?

We pack a lot into The Practice Growth Accelerator Program.  Most consultants just tell you what to do.  We give you the tools you need, then teach you how to use them and finally work with you throughout the year helping you with every obstacle that comes up and celebrating your every win.

Here are a few things you get in The Practice Growth Accelerator Program:

• Marketing Plan
• Set Up of Sales/Marketing Software
• 9 Customized Marketing Campaigns 
• Sales Training for Staff
• Revenue Analysis Templates

• 1-on-1 Sales & Marketing Consulting
• 1-on-1 Operations Consulting
• Patient Retention 
• Website Audit
• Founder Partnership & Support

Are you Ready to Accelerate your Practice Growth?

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