Cultivating a Growth Mindset Among Your Team

April 28, 2021 Clayton Arrighi Comments Off on Cultivating a Growth Mindset Among Your Team

This blog, as well as our previous post, is closely related to our free online course, Creating a Mindset that BOOSTS Success, so be sure to check that out after you finish reading; I think you’ll find a lot of value in it.

Being that this is the last in our series of posts about Mindset, hopefully you’ve learned the importance of forging yours in a way that fosters growth. If you’re a solopreneur, that’s all you need to get started on your journey to success! However, if you’ve got a team behind you that helps keep your practice operating, you’re going to need to ensure your new growth mindset is adopted by your team.

First and foremost, the why.


It is, of course, important that you as the leader of your company have the right mentality when it comes to running your practice. Your employees look to you for an example of how things should happen within the company and it’s your job to set the tone. The phrase “monkey see, monkey do” comes to mind… Have you ever shown up one day not “on” and noticed the rest of the office sort of following suit? This is a prime example of why it’s so important to consider your teams mindset when thinking of the growth of your practice.

Imagine how much time, energy, and money is wasted by letting a day go by when your mindset isn’t optimized for growth… You’ve got to account for your time, each of your employees’ time, their salaries, and all the potential missed opportunities – that’s catastrophic loss!

Okay, so we know why mindset matters and we know why your staff’s mindset is just as important as yours; so what needs to happen to make sure the whole team is on the same page and is ready for radical success?

What immediately comes to mind might be something resembling team building exercises or a company retreat, right? While attractive, these can be time and cost prohibitive ways of accomplishing something that could be done in other ways. The idea Mindset really is one of those things where it takes small steps, day in, day out, to see results. Are you currently taking those steps? If not, now’s the time to begin.

Here’s a great place to start:


Your team needs a reason to care about growing – why should they be coming to work each day with growth at the forefront of their mind? What’s their incentive to seek opportunities for success? Something we’ve seen great success with is full transparency within the company. When we say full transparency, we mean it.


Once a quarter, we stop everything for an entire Friday for a Quarterly Meeting. In these meetings we open the books and literally show the entire team our company’s financial standing as well as how we’re performing compared to our projected goals. This gives perspective to the staff on why we make certain decisions and why our goals matter. We also discuss the reasons we need to grow: being able to pay the staff well, being able to hire the best talent possible, being able to purchase high quality equipment/tools, etc.

So, whether it’s a stand-alone meeting like our Quarterly Meeting, or just a segment of your normal staff meeting, make a point to open up and give your team some real insight into where the practice stands and how things are going. You might be surprised by the reception and reactions.

If you got something from this blog, be sure to check out our free online course, Creating a Mindset that BOOSTS Success where we go into greater detail about the importance of having a growth mindset when it comes to building a successful business or practice.

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