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Our medical marketing consultant team has accomplished what most cashbased medical practices only dream of… Predictable profit quarter after quarter, year after year. And that’s precisely what we want to help you achieve at your medical practice with our marketing strategy.

The Green Leaf Group started after an intuitive businesswoman, and a skilled physician met, started working together, and saw that what they could do together (and an amazing team behind them) was what most providers in the hormone space only dream about. 

With our marketing services, we can help bring in new patients to your medical practice. Healthcare organizations all over have used our strategic marketing services to help them. The more patients you are able to bring in, the better it is for your business. 

Take a listen to founder Jody Layne as she explains the story.

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How The Green Leaf Group Began

In 2015, Dr. John Carrozzella wanted help bringing his hormone clinic to the next level.


Jody Layne, CEO of The Green Leaf Group, owned a marketing agency at the time, and while working for Dr. Carrozzella, she fell in love with the world of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

This medicine is truly special.

That Was Only The Beginning

After 2 years of working together in a client/agency capacity, the two decided to join forces.


Jody was brought on board as the Chief Operating Officer of the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness. Under her leadership, the clinic reached new heights and tripled in size and revenue. All of this while maintaining the original vision and mission Dr. Carrozzella dreamed of.

So… Did it work??
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Can It Work for You?

You got into medicine to help people, but operating a business wasn’t part of medical school…

We work with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy providers across the country to help bring their dreams to life. We know what it takes to build predictable profit in your practice.

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The Team

Jody Layne, CEO

Jody has been an entrepreneur since 1996, when she started her first event planning business. In 2003 she was co-founder of BMDM, a digital marketing agency that served some notable clients like Southeast Toyota, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Darden Restaurants.

In 2011, alongside her husband, a software engineer, they created a Software as a Service platform called Expect Referrals that helped businesses automate and prosper from referral programs. And in 2016, she co-founded SMART Growth Marketing, a marketing agency that helped their clients increase leads and revenue using the principles of inbound marketing. It was with SMART that Jody first started working with Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness and found her calling in the hormone and wellness space. 

Over the years, Jody has been a speaker at several conferences like Worldlink’s The Business of Creating Health, Idea Solutions, and GrowCo on topics ranging from business development to culture to marketing. And she has been hired as a consultant to help several marketing companies who were ready to level up in their business. As the COO of the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, she keeps the clinic progressing into the future, maintains a fun atmosphere, and makes sure everyone loves what they do and that they do it well.

She wears many hats and wears them exceptionally well. Her drive and business acumen are the lifeblood of The Green Leaf Group, and she is dedicated to helping each and every client achieve their dreams through careful planning and follow-through.

Dr. John Carrozzella, Partner


Hormone Provider, Practice Owner, Former Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Carrozzella is our resident medical doctor and hormone expert. His background in medicine and experience owning and operating a highly successful cash-based practice give The Green Leaf Group unique, powerful insight.

Patrick Dermody, Partner

Patrick joined the team as a seasoned Medical Assistant and expert in men’s health. In addition to his EMT experience prior to coming to Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, Patrick worked in several clinics that support men with a variety of health concerns, including erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, and intimate wellness. As the General Manager of FCHW, Patrick runs the clinic with compassion and integrity, and the patients just love him.

Patrick is a huge contributor to The Green Leaf Group as he is on the front line with hormone patients every day. His innovative style pushes the norms and comes up with new, efficient, and patient-centric processes that he perfects and then teaches to Green Leaf clients.

Patrick firmly understands the importance of combining good medicine with good business so that the practice has a solid financial foundation to serve its patients to the best of its ability.  He brings that passion for patient care and a strong innate sense for profitable business into everything he does. And he does it all with a smile. 

Amanda Brown, Partner


Currently the Director of Patient Services for the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, Amanda is laser-focused on patient experience and retention. 

Clayton Arrighi, Consultant


Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, Creative

Clayton has created and managed countless high-return multichannel campaigns and handles many of the technical aspects behind our business development packages. 

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