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Business Plan Workshops

When a patient sits in your office for the first time, do you start by writing them a prescription and then seeing how it goes? Of course not! That would be foolish. Yet over 90% of businesses treat their business that way. They open their doors, hire some staff, find some patients, and then watch and see how it goes. When things “feel” good, all is well. When things go wrong, they have no idea how or where to make changes and it can be very frustrating. There is a cure.  And it’s not that hard to do. All you need to do is make a plan. Making a business plan can sound as fun as getting a root canal, but when you do it with The Green Leaf Group, it can actually be fun. Watch the video and find out how and why The Green Leaf Group is so good at helping businesses make plans

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

And we wish for you to be prepared to succeed. So, let’s talk about business plans.

Could you get around with a GPS? Well, sure, for short trips around town, you can probably find your way without the help of your GPS. But, if you need to travel somewhere you haven’t been before your GPS is a lifesaver! Now think about your practice. For a few months when you are small you can get by without a plan. But, the bigger you get the more guidance you need and without a well thought out plan you might be very disappointed where you end up. Have you had any of these thoughts since starting your practice?

Am I over or under charging my patients?
• Will I make payroll next month?
• Can I afford to bring on some help?

Why do I work these crazy hours?
• Is there a way I can work less and make more?
• Can I make this easier for my patients?

Did Your Eyes Glaze Over When You Read “Business Planning?”

If so, you are in good company.  Business plans have gotten such a bad rap.  But creating your business plan can actually be totally fun and exciting.  Think about it.  Without any risk, you can design the exact future you want in your practice and in your life.  You can play with ideas, financials, and growth before you have to invest and take risks.


And the real bonus to planning is that when it is time to take some risks, they will be more calculated, and your success is more likely to be predictable because you have already thought past today into tomorrow.  When you really think about it, investing anything without planning just doesn’t make sense.

“But I have no idea where to start!”

That is totally ok!  Business plans are usually these long, drawn out 200 page documents single spaced in Times Roman font and bound with a fancy cover and plastic coils.  No wonder you are not excited to get started on it.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  We can create living documents that are only filled with the juicy details that matter to your practice so its useful just about every day.


Overloading your plan with tons of details that are unnecessary and useless just doesn’t make sense.  You want your plan to include only information that helps guide you as you make business decisions.  If done properly, it is your compass that always points you toward success.

We LOVE Business Planning!

Ok, maybe we are weird.  But, we absolutely love working on business plans.  Our CEO, Jody Layne said,

There is nothing more fun for me than watching the light bulb turn on in an owner’s head when he/she realizes the kind of practice they want. Not knowing what they want is the barrier. Once that is clear, how we get there is that much easier.”  

The Green Leaf Group has mastered the way we do business plans. We start with a three-hour group presentation (online or in person) and we teach about each portion of the business plan.  Then, you go to work filling out worksheets we provide for each portion that helps to truly identify where you want to go. Then, you meet with a consultant one on one to go over your worksheets and in 2 weeks we meet again with your business plan completely done for you. Plus, we provide interactive sheets to help you keep track of your actual revenue versus your goals so you know when you are veering off from the path.

You Have Options.

Everyone is different so we have options for you to choose from.  We offer the Business Plan Workshops once a quarter virtually and twice a year in person in Orlando, FL. 

Either way you get the same information and the same end result; a useful business plan that will take you through the next decade!

By the way, if you go through the Business Plan Workshop and then decide you want to join the Practice Growth Accelerator Program, no problem.  We will deduct what you already invested.

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Think you might benefit from a Business Plan?

You’re probably right.  See if The Green Leaf Group Has What It Takes To Help.

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